It’s Past Midnight! Today is Levi’s First Birthday!!

So today I took Jayden and Levi to the Zoo with my friend Jen, her beautiful baby boy Austin and she got to bring the beautiful little boy she nannies.  The six of us had a blast.  But it wasn’t just a normal trip to the Zoo for me.  Tomorrow Levi will be 1 year old!  By this time last year I was starting labor (I’m hoping to post his birth story tomorrow- I didn’t even realize I hadn’t posted it until a friend pointed that out).  In the last couple of months leading up to Levi’s birth, I was useless.  I was in so much pain from the extra fluid that I could mostly only sit.  I couldn’t pick Jayden up or play with him or even really hold him because my lap was basically occupied by my belly.  After Levi was born, I felt like we slowly watched summer slip away, every week thinking “On Friday we may go home!” for three months.  There were so many times I wanted nothing more than to able to do summery things with Jayden like swim or go to the Zoo.  It’s a really big deal to me that I got to take both of my beautiful boys to the Zoo today!

Tomorrow is Levi’s first birthday and I cannot wait to celebrate all of his triumphs this year with our closest friends and family on Saturday!

At the party store getting supplies for the Birthday party and having some fun!


Hahaha Peacock


I think he rocks pigtails! lol


Levi thinks so too!


This was really cool. I have a friend who had her beautiful daughter on the same day Levi was born and her sister had twins on that same day a year before us. So she put together a big party for all four babies and that was so sweet and so much fun!

Levi's first cupcake. He went all in!


"Do I have something on my face?" lol


I can just hear his laugh in this one!

It sounds like this:




"Nom Nom Nom"


Jayden has this fish obsession right now. So instead of spend money, we go to Petsmart to look at the fish! lol He loves it! He's two. We'll spend the money when he's older.


I got this idea from pinterest. I didn't put enough in to get good pics but we put glowsticks in the bath under the bubbles. The boys thought that was the coolest thing ever.


One night Jayden fell and hit his head pretty bad so we took him to Children's to be checked. Here he's proving he's fine while playing with Daddy. <3



I just love this face!


This is the train my parents built for my boys in their backyard!! Jayden LOVES it! That's his little head in that front window!


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4 Responses to It’s Past Midnight! Today is Levi’s First Birthday!!

  1. Phyllis Koenig says:

    Love the video..and awesome train!
    You survived with grace and faith!

  2. Mom says:

    Can’t wait to see JJ and Levi playing together in the train. Hard to believe it’s been a year, huh? I keep thinking, “This time last year …” Even with all the troubles going on now, it’s B.E.T.T.E.R. than last year!

    • Amanda says:

      lol Mom. For a second today I thought, “May always sucks for me” lol Then I got over it and remembered all the good stuff Mays have brought me!

  3. Denise says:

    Honestly he is so totally beautiful!

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