He’s still having bloody diapers and “old blood” was coming up through the repogal (stomach pump) all day yesterday and all night last night.  He had morphine twice last night because he was clearly in so much pain.

They did another x-ray and didn’t see anything.  They are now considering a camera or just going ahead and opening him up and looking for something.  I don’t think either will happen today, they want to talk to all the Dr.’s involved first.

Edit: I just called them again and the Nurse told me today he’s had two very large bloody diapers, the second one bigger than the first.  The Dr. is nagging the surgeon who just suggested re-do’s of tests we’ve already done.

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  1. ashlee says:

    FOrget redos of the test. They need to so something besides xrays!! I dont know how your not down there yelling and screaming. Girl, you are so much better than I. I Pray for yall daily.

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