A Quick Run Down of Friday’s Treatment

I’m trying to keep this one quick so my wording is a bit brief (for me).

On Friday I went in to be drained for the second time.  At the appointment they told me it would be safer to do it in Labor and Delivery since every time you do this it raises the risks.  They are still small risks but they still go up each time.  The Dr. (again someone I was meeting for the first time, but she was very nice) left the decision up to me but as soon as she said “small chance” any of theses risks could happen, I decided to go to L & D.  Literally every single thing they have told me I had a “small chance” of happening this pregnancy, has happened so….

Again we had to go through them not being able to find everything they needed to do the procedure for a long time and the nurses telling me it was because they “so very rarely do this procedure”.  And it’s such a rare procedure that everyone wanted to watch.  I think we ended up with me, my mom, the Dr., two nurses, two residents and one or two students in the room.  Everyone wanted to watch this “rare” procedure.

I was actually a lot more nervous this time.  I knew it was going to hurt a bit but the longer they took to set up and the more precautions they put in place the more nervous I got.  As they started poking me I asked Mom to pray for the baby because by that point I was genuinely terrified.  The Dr. told me though that after the first poke the needle is removed and only the tubing is left so even if the baby bumps it he’s ok, it’s just a plastic tube.  And he did bump it, a lot.  He was super active the whole time.

They were able to drain 3 liters this time but they were going for 4.

They then had me and the baby monitored for about 45 min afterwards.  Before they couldn’t even get his heartbeat on the monitor because there was so much fluid even though we could all see him being VERY active on the ultra sound (during which there was this one magic moment where he looked right at us and he looked so much like Jayden!  Then the nurse said “Hi bubba”-her nickname for stubborn babies she can’t get on the monitor-and he waved!  It was so cute!).  Afterwards, they were able to hear it easily and we got to watch my spastic stomach cramps and contractions on the monitor.

I’m not sure why but I was in a LOT of pain for a while afterwards.  Everything on my right side hurt very very badly from my upper back to my hip joints to stomach, everything.  I think my body just did this freak out adjustment period thing.

I slept a lot yesterday and threw up all morning today, then slept most of today.  I think tomorrow I’ll actually be able to enjoy the fact that I have so much relief from the pressure but the thing that sucks the most right now is that I am almost certain I tore a muscle in my belly before we drained it the first time.  I have to actually hold that spot in with my fingers to walk and the longer I stand the more excruciating it becomes.  So I’m still kind of bed ridden but I’m choosing to be grateful for the good things like being able to roll over in bed, breath deep enough to actually take my asthma medicine, or (the one that’s most important to me) have Jayden sit on my lap for a bit so I can read him a book and hold him close.

They’re still saying it will probably be a weekly thing but I’m hoping to hold out for two weeks.  I’ll probably stop writing about every time but I’ll post short updates on my Facebook.  I’m hoping this week I’ll have the energy to do a post about our meeting with the Dr. who may do the baby’s surgery (that happened last week) and a post about the name we are thinking we will use and why.

I started this blog to share what I learn about Down syndrome and how I learn it, but so far that hasn’t been what it’s been about.  I have really not been doing too much research on the Down syndrome right now.  I have the rest of my life to learn day by day about that and for now the focus is the pregnancy and preparing for the NICU stuff right after birth.  Everything else will come in its time.  Josh read somewhere that something to keep in mind is even with the Down syndrome a baby is still just a baby and really our main concern at first will be having two kids under two years old.

Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers.  I truly believe the successes we’ve had so far (like getting to 35 weeks today! yay!) have been because we have such amazing support from you guys!  I hope you know how much we love and appreciate  you all. <3

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11 Responses to A Quick Run Down of Friday’s Treatment

  1. Phyllis says:

    So glad to hear that he is active! Praying for you guys!

  2. Andrea Oakley says:

    Oh Amanda – I read every word, but some of your descriptions make me cringe for you. I am still very glad you are letting us share in your journey this way! I hope the relief lasts for two weeks this time and you have enough time to heal your tummy muscle before going back in. Tons of love!

  3. Amanda says:

    Aw. I even edited out some parts I thought were too gruesome! lol I’m sorry it made you cringe.

  4. Joetta says:

    I think your posts still are about Down’s Syndrome, because what’s happening with the fluid is a result of an issue that’s common with Down’s. Even though there’s a lot of info on Down’s kids, there’s not a lot of info on this aspect of it, so these posts might help someone else.

  5. Summer Todd says:

    Love you and are praying for you sis. Well always be here for you. <3

  6. Andrea Oakley says:

    It wasn’t so bad to read, I just have an overactive imagination, so I fill in the silences between the words. 🙂 And I agree with your Mom. *hug*

  7. Josh says:

    You are doing so good honey! You are strong and you amaze me every day. We are almost there, 35 weeks already.

  8. Danielle says:

    You are doing sooo good!! And I wouldn’t stress about reading up on downs. Every one is different. My brother in law didnt start walking until he was almost 5. and he just did it.Decided to just get up and walk one day. My FIL cried like a baby. There were no books back then. You just need to take one day at a time. Danny is smart and funny and he used to be such a great helper! Now he’s ornery in his old age. lol reminds me of Lyle. You are both great parents. Jayden will be an awesome bro and you have a great support system. not to mention Jesus is on your side!

  9. Sandie Higley says:

    I know you are a strong woman, but after all of this–there won’t be anything that takes you by surprise. I love that God let you see his face and get the wave! Praying for you and Josh and Jayden and “Bubba”! 🙂

  10. Shelby says:

    Hey hun, I wanted to tell you I Love you and your family so much. Every time i read your blog posts I am in awe of your strength and positive outlook. I can’t fathom going through what you are now as well as you are and for that I want to thank you for being one of the most amazing people i have ever met in my life and I don’t no anyone who would be strong enough for what you’re enduring. I love you and pray for you and can’t wait to meet your new son because i know everything will turn out. Your so wonderful. I love you! Remember I am here if you need me.

  11. carrie says:

    Awesome are you. Love reading your blog. I wish we lived closer. Can’t wait to introduce him to the Oregon coast. LOL! Okay in a year or so… Hugs to you, JOSH AND JADEN!

    I love being apart of your prayer team.


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