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So being in the community I have met some really fantastic people.  This week I wanted to tell you about Delayna Skadorwa.  She runs a Zumba class that is free for individuals with disabilities!   It has so many positive effects in people’s lives that I wanted to share it with everyone.  She is in the Kennewick, WA area so if you are near there and would like to know more about attending you can email her @  This is her story in her own words:

Hi Amanda! My class is free for individuals with special needs and family member/s or an aide can attend for free. I have Ds, autistic, and other developmentally delayed students in the class. We’ve been doing this since October 2011 and I’m getting wonderful feedback. One case worker wrote me a thank you letter saying people want another class added during the week, that the students are losing weight and their doctors are very happy I’m offering this class for them.  A little background…..I was taking Zumba classes and brought my daughter to a family class. Macie (probably 2 at the time) w/Ds loved the music! She dances to almost any music but really liked the latin stuff. There was a couple times I saw a young man w/Ds in the regular classes and he was really getting into some of the moves. I was talking to my mom one day (she was asked by the local Arc to start an adult day program for individuals with disabilities here in the Tri-Cities back in the late ’60s and early ’70’s.) I told my mom about seeing the young man in class and how much he was enjoying it….my mom suggested I start my own class for individuals w/special needs. Of course, what a great idea (I had been wanting to get back into teaching as I was a fitness instructor before I had kids.) So I asked the Arc if I could instruct at their new facility here and they seemed interested so I got licensed to instruct didn’t work out to instruct the class at the Arc. I was asked to instruct regular Zumba at another gym (didn’t work out cause there was no child care for the time they wanted me.) I tried my Zumba class for individuals for special needs at that gym but the time and place didn’t work. Finally..I asked the [place we are now] if I could do the class there. It worked and the class is growing and successful! The students and I are like family now. I get feedback like “you’re nice” and “I love you” and huge hugs from everyone! The students and myself look forward to every [week].  I would love to have students who are deaf take the class and I hope to instruct a free class to the little ones in our Down syndrome association here. 

The edits I did in brackets are just because this is the internet and there are a lot of haters and creeps out there so I just don’t feel comfortable laying out a time and place here.  But please please please email her if you are interested in going!  She is really such a sweetheart!  Now time for pics of all the fun!







I hope that when Levi is old enough we can find something like this in our area!

Oh! Also, in the theme of the post “Dance! Dance!” I also wanted to post my husband’s remix!  Click here: NOT YOUR FAULT (THE NEVER AFTER AND FALLING IRIS REMIX) to listen.  If you like it you can vote for it and share it!  I know I’m partial because he’s my husband but I really think it’s fantastic!  Definitely caught myself shakin’ my booty to it a few times! (lol)



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  1. AWESOME!!! Rock on, Delayna!

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