Denver Comic Con

So we finally went to our first Con!

It was amazing and such a blast.  I think next year I’d like to do one day with the kids and one day without.  But it was really fun to see the kids eyes as they saw all the cosplay.  Jayden was too afraid to get near enough to anyone to get his pic taken and I only got three of Levi but I’ll share them.  I tried to get Jayden’s pic with the Umbrella Corp. guys and he wouldn’t do it.  The guy was like “Oh come on, the princess did it!” (haha!) But Jayden was still not interested. lol Maybe next year.  I did get a couple of him by a sign though.

The best moment by far though was listening to George Takei. He was saying something about how amazing mankind is that we can just “reach up and grasp the stars [paraphrased]”.  I didn’t even think Jayden was listening.  But suddenly he turned to me and gasp.  His eyes were filled with pure excitement and he said, “Mommy!  I can scoop up stars with my hands?!”.  I hugged him and said, “Yes Jayden.  Yes you can.”  =)


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