Down to the wire now

If we don’t get 5 hrs of readings, the study is no good. It has to end by 6:30 at the latest so I as type this, I’m holding my breath and not daring to move even though I’m sooooo uncomfortable. If he wakes up at all again, it’s over. At 11:30 I had to call Josh to bring medicine because they don’t keep Children’s Tylenol in the Chikdren’s hospital apparently. Lol. Well that and we needed the gripe water. He got the medicine around 12:15 but continued to squirm. He did fall into a good sleep around 12:45 but the nurse needed to fix a few more wire. This woke him up completely. We redid what we could …
And before I finished typing this, he woke up. 🙁 The nurse says she’s hoping the dr’s can pull some information from it but he really didn’t sleep that long. Gah. Tired, frustrated, heading home.

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