Everyone Should Read This Letter:

Really, sincerely everyone should click the link below and read this letter:

A Letter to Mamas Parenting Children with Disabilities

It’s been on my heart for a while now to write something along the lines of what she wrote.  But she did it kinder than I could seem to word it, so I never posted mine.  I wanted to call the Down Syndrome community to a greater spirit of openness.  We need to be better at not taking offense when none was intended.  We need to be accepting of others who don’t understand how or why the things they say can be painful for us, especially if we want them to accept us back.  We need to choose our battles wisely and not go to war with every sideways look, even if the war is only waged inside our heads.

I know life already asks a lot from parents of children with disabilities and I know it seems unfair to ask for more.  But if we could show the world how to accept everyone, even the un-knowledgable and unintentionally insulting, then I think, they could learn to accept us too, even when we don’t know how to manage every situation with our kids.  Obviously this whole conversation excludes the intentionally mean and hateful people of the world.  But I believe those people are the rare exception and count for a lot less of our interactions than we sometimes allow ourselves to believe.

Anyway, click the link above and you’ll see what I mean.  It’s a beautifully written letter and I definitely cried a bit.    <3



Image borrowed from https://www.facebook.com/downssideup

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  1. Mom says:

    Remember, not so long ago, before we had Levi’s diagnosis, and we knew NOTHING about Down Syndrome? Or, we thought we knew a little, but all of that was wrong? It’s hard to believe how things have changed, but important to remember that most people are still in that boat.

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