Low Sensory Morning at The Children’s Museum

So The Children’s Museum in Denver, CO is awesome. One of the awesomest places ever, to be exact. But sometimes kids with Down syndrome or other disabilities can be overwhelmed by all the noise and excitement that comes with an awesome place full of awesome energetic kids. Levi’s been there before and enjoys it, but he does spend an inordinate amount of time just sitting and absorbing all the action with his eyes.

Soooo Traci McGrath, Museum Educator, has put together a Low Sensory Morning.  You have to RSVP and get on the list but it is FREE for families who have children with disabilities.  Attendance is capped so our kiddos are not overwhelmed by too many kids and they really get to enjoy the museums amenities.  Levi LOVED it!  I’m gonna post pics but first I’m posting the flyer because… guess what?!  They are doing another one in July!  Email or call now if you want to be on the list.  Levi and I will be there and it would be awesome to see you there too!! I hope they keep doing these events because this experience was so fantastic for Levi.

The staff was amazing, welcoming, energetic and kind.  I just got so many smiles and friendliness and help.  I really can not recommend it enough.



Tactile Sensory Fun!

He loves brooms right now!


WHY can’t there be one of these seats in every bathroom stall in the world? If your baby isn’t walking or standing great yet but you can’t bring the entire stroller into the stall, it’s this, leave them unattended in the stroller outside the stall, or plop them on the bathroom floor. Seriously, the world needs more of these seats.


Cheese!!  (He has a dinosaur tattoo on his arm)


Playing nicely with some of the other kids


Please, do not try this at home. (lol) He is really into climbing on low tables right now.


Open. Close. Open. Close. Open. Close. Open. …. Close.


“Hey girl! How you doin’?”


The staff here is incredibly friendly!


Actually this is my real life good friend Shelby, who also happens to work at The Children’s Museum!




And Discovery! Honestly though, I really don’t think he could have made the discoveries he made on this toy without having the whole place so quiet as it was.


One of his favorite things to do at home too


Throw things down the stairs!


Clearly having a terrible time. =)


Break dancing.


Just around the river bend!


Mirrors and wiggles


Ride the pony outta here!


Later that same day we went to Arvada’s Annual Kite Festival. It was beautiful and so much fun, as always!


Goodbye Peter Pan!




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4 Responses to Low Sensory Morning at The Children’s Museum

  1. Josh Todd says:

    Aww those are some great pictures! Love that little guy.

  2. Mom says:

    Very nice post, Amanda. What a special time.

  3. Ashby Daniels says:

    What a handsome little guy! That is a great idea – I may propose it to our local children’s museum. And I totally agree with you about the bathroom seats!!! I’ve always gone into the wheelchair accessible stall with the stroller – and have always felt terrible about it! Start a petition!

  4. Andrea says:

    Thanks for sharing. Levi is super cute and I love the joy you can see on his face in these pictures. 😉

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