Medical Journal Paper Argues For Killing Unwanted Babies AFTER Birth


I am literally sick to my stomach after reading this:

J Med Ethics doi:10.1136/medethics-2011-100411
Law, ethics and medicine
After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?
by: Alberto Giubilini & Francesca Minerva

Please feel free to email your thoughts to both authors to here:

This is what I emailed.  Feel free to just copy and paste part if you are too busy but would like to object to this line of reasoning.  I do that sometimes for petitions or letters sent to representatives.


Alberto Giubilini &

Francesca Minerva

As a mother of a simply fantastic son who has Down syndrome, your paper, “After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?”

truly breaks my heart. Today I attended a funeral for a 14 year old girl who had Down syndrome.  I realized today how much I loved her brother the second I met him years ago. I realized then too that I instantly and deeply loved a few other people in my life and didn’t learn until later that they all had siblings with special needs. Loving someone with special needs makes us better people from the inside out. It shines through us. The world will stamp out it’s own light if it eliminates these people and the abstract of this article seems to assume that of course you would kill a baby with disabilities, but hopes to argue that it’s also ok to kill a baby without disabilities. My heart is literally broken by the rational behind this article.
As an Anthropologist, I would encourage the authors to realize that their “paper” does not belong in an Ethics journal, not only because there are no ethics present in this thinking, but also because the paper hopes to prove the fact that babies are not persons and this is really just not a paper worth publishing.  As any scientist worth reading would know, a good scientific experiment cannot prove the “not” existence of something because it cannot be observed.  The argument that a baby does not have personhood in existence is weak and impossible to prove with any real science.  

Please do not reply to this email because, using the logic in your paper, I would assert that YOU are not capable of personhood because you lack basic human components such as common sense and compassion and therefore nothing you non-persons have to offer is worth reading.  
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6 Responses to Medical Journal Paper Argues For Killing Unwanted Babies AFTER Birth

  1. Is this real? Can it be so? My heart bleeds (as the mother of a little girl, a full member of society and even a clothing model who has DS). Shall research further.

  2. Donna says:

    Way to go Amanda. Loved your last paragraph. That article is absolutely disgusting.

  3. Jason says:

    I too was very upset by the article and wrote the following to Ms Minerva to say so. She has such an outdated and ignorant view which seems to suggest that the life of a child with Down’s Syndrome (or indeed, any disability) is in someway worth less than a ‘normal’ child. I found that sickening.

  4. Denise says:

    I can’t type what I wrote but thanks for letting me have their email address!

  5. Kimberly says:

    Hi Amanda,
    I just finished reading all the entries in your blog. I’m so grateful to have found it, as I’m 31-1/2 weeks pregnant and recently learned my baby has the “double bubble” and will have to have surgery shortly after birth. This pregnancy, which came hot on the heels of a difficult miscarriage last summer, has already had so many challenges (placenta previa, gestational diabetes), and now this. I’m going to have to give birth in a hospital 2-1/2 hours away as there are no pediatric surgeons in my town. My head spins at the thought of having my three older sons in one place and a brand-new baby in the hospital 150 miles away! [My youngest is named Levi, by the way. 🙂 What a great name! We don’t know the gender of the baby I’m carrying now, and we still haven’t picked out names, either.] I didn’t have any special testing done earlier in my pregnancy, but we now know that, because of the intestinal blockage, there is a one in three chance our baby has Down Syndrome. Strangely enough, my husband and I are completely at peace with that possibility. I feel as though God has been preparing me for something like this for quite some time. We just want our baby to be born safely and be able to have the surgery and whatever else is needed so little he or she can be home with us and his/her big brothers as soon as possible.

    Anyway, it’s been SO helpful to read about your experiences with your Levi. He is a BEAUTIFUL baby! (His big brother, Jayden, is also nothing short of a super-cutie-pie!) What a roller coaster you’ve been on. But it’s wonderful to see how your little guy has fought hard, and how you have advocated for him like a fierce mama bear. I’ve learned so much from reading here. So I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I’ll keep checking back to see what else you have to share on your journey. God bless you and your family!
    ~ Kim

    • Amanda says:

      Wow Kim! Thank you so much! I have a lot more I’d like to discuss with you but I would like to email you when I have a bit more time. Are you thinking about starting a blog and sharing your journey? For me it was a lifesaver. So many people came on that journey with me through this blog and so much love and prayers were sent our way the whole time. Keep me in the loop for how things go. I think all the time how lucky I am to have my two boys, not just because of the close calls but because when they smile at me, nothing in the world shines that bright. I’m sure you know what I mean with your other boys. Thank you so much again for sharing this with me!

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