Our Hearts To Those Impacted By Today’s Tragedy

I think today will be another one of those days for me.  Remember the morning of Columbine?  Remember the morning of 9/11?  Remember the movie theatre masacre?

This morning the first thing anyone said to me was my Mom asked me, with tears in her eyes, “Have you been on Facebook or seen the news yet?”.  “No, why?” I said.  She couldn’t even get the words out without tears, “Someone started shooting people in the theatre during a midnight Batman movie premier”.

I was shocked.

I am still shocked.

I think a lot of us are still shocked.

“Where was this?” I asked, assuming somewhere far from here.  “Aurora”, my Mom said.  So close to home.

Colorado is heartbroken.  But Colorado is strong and we support each other.  When I got on Facebook at 9:30am links were being shared all over the place saying that the Bonfils Blood Center needed donations.  Not even 15 minutes later Bonfils released this statement on their Facebook page:

Thanks to the phenomenal support of our Colorado community members our appointment schedules for today have filled up quickly. We’re currently experiencing a high volume of calls and sincerely appreciate your patience. Donors are strongly encouraged to schedule an appointment in the coming days to help replenish and support the critical needs of our hospitals and their patients.

People everywhere are looking for ways to help the victims because that is the spirit of Colorado, and really, the American spirit.

For anyone who might be interested in helping, the Bonfils Blood Center will be taking appointments for blood donations as they can and they are also accepting monetary donations.  The City of Aurora’s website  says to call 303-739-6346 for food donations but this is not for donating money.

I’m sure we all know by now that the shooter said his apartment is rigged with explosives.  The other residents of that apartment complex have been evacuated until the police can clear it.  If anyone has any specific information on how to help those displaced people, please let me know.  The Denver Post says here to check with GiveFirst.org to be sure you are giving to legitimate organizations.

There are really no words that could suffice to give the victims of this tragedy, except that I am so sorry and so heartbroken.  My thoughts and deepest prayers are with you all.

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