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Please read & pass this!!! This happened 5 days ago so it’s not an internet rumor. This child is being denied a transplant because she is “mentally retarded” so the Dr’s feel she should not be given the chance to live. Here is the story:

Here is the petition to help her:


I think the reason this resonates with me so much is not just because I have a son with disabilities but because I know that conference room she talks about.  Not that one specifically, but the conference room where the Dr.’s try to convince you that you’re the idiot and they know what’s right for your child.  The one where you’ll never forget your fear and simultaneously controlled rage  paralleled by the feeling of the hard conference table under your cold and sweaty palms and the overbearingly large rolling office chairs.

I just understand what it’s like to fight with the Dr.’s for your child and even to fight hospital “policy”.  While I begged for them to send us home with an NG tube instead of forcing us into a G tube, the Dr just kept saying, “That’s just not how we do things at this hospital”.  I researched it and knew I could handle it and I still got “this is just policy”.  I did fight for Levi and am glad I did because he was able to come home with neither but I will never forget that conference room for as long as I live.

Plus, it just puts me in a rage that someone can be denied the right to fight for life simply because of their mental capacities or for any reason really.  That is a very slippery slope they are walking on and really, how far is this from Hitler really?  I know the “H” word is sensationalist but really, how far until they decide someone who is a certain race/gender/social class/intellect or whatever will have a “poor quality of life” and therefore should not be allowed the chance to live?  Who gets to determine what a “good quality of life” is?

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  1. pro says:

    I signed the petition. What a heart-wrenching, sad, disturbing story.

  2. Amanda says:

    Thank you Linds!

  3. Denise says:

    Thanks for sharing!! I posted too.

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