Swallow Study Success!!

Levi’s swallow study went splendidly! He showed no risk of aspiration (getting food in his lungs)! His primary care physician has had me all freaked out because he’s in the 0-1% in weight on a typical child scale. But at Children’s Hospital they told me that, on a scale for children with Down Syndrome, he is in the 25% and his weight is right on track!! They also said based on how many times I think he eats and how much, he is definitely getting enough calories per day.

We are learning solids and it is going really well. It’s definitely harder for him than it was for Jayden. Levi tries to suckle the food a lot and that causes his tongue to thrust out and often the food comes out with it. But he is getting better every day and this week his O.T. couldn’t believe how much he had improved in one week! She said it was a real testament to how hard we are working with him and that was a really fantastic compliment!

He does better with more solid foods than really liquid foods. Avocados are one of his favorite things! The O.T. thinks he’ll move quickly out of baby food and be on all table food soon because he just seems to do much better with it!

Things are going well overall. Jayden is growing up faster than I like and turned 2 at the end of December. He amazes me everyday with how smart he is!

I really hope to post pictures here soon. I’m still having a stand-off with my iphoto. (lol) I haven’t made fixing it a huge priority, but it will get done soon enough!

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2 Responses to Swallow Study Success!!

  1. Denise says:

    How exciting!! I have followed your blog since Levi was born and am really enjoying hearing about his progress! I have neglected the swallow study for my girl, I should just do it!

    • Amanda says:

      How old is your girl? Are the Dr.’s saying she needs one? I didn’t want to do it but Levi had pneumonia and they think aspiration could cause that over and over so they wanted to make sure that wasn’t what was happening. I think he just got his first really nasty cold and he got very sick. Would you be able to get it done at a Children’s Hospital? The experience was so different there than other hospitals. I don’t know how other hospitals do the swallow study but just something about Children’s made me feel like he was getting the best care possible.

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