Swallow Study Today!

Ok so I’m sorry that I completely stopped updating here!! I was putting too much time into each post so whenever I was busy I just didn’t think there was enough time to update. This one will be super quick and then I’ll add another later to fill in the blanks.

I think it was a little over a month ago but I’m really not sure, (time is arbitrary most days!) Levi was in the hospital again for almost a week. I’ll post pics later. He had pneumonia. I think he got a bad cold from his brother and it was his first cold so it developed into pneumonia but some specialists are worried it’s because he’s aspirating his formula (basically going down the wrong tube and ending up in his lungs). This can be a common problem for babies with low tone associated with D.S. and they can end up in the hospital over and over with pneumonia (which we are discovering, even with expensive health insurance, it’s still stinking expensive each time).

So today is Levi’s Swallow Study. I believe they’ll be having me give him a bottle with barium in it and x-raying him as it goes down. They may mix it in with solids too. I’m a little nervous about doing the test but I think whatever it shows will just give us more information to work with in making our decisions. I’m praying for simple solutions. Feel free to send a quick prayer for us if you think of us around 2pm!

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