We’re Moving To Seattle! Just Kidding! But Really, We Are!… Maybe



OK, but seriously, we are.




Josh got a job offer and after MUCH deliberation, we have decided to go for it.  When I say “MUCH deliberation”, I mean MUUUUUUCH.  We even made a matrix to help us decide.  You make a list of all the really important things in your life and give each a score on a scale of 1-10.  You can have like a bunch of things that are 10’s, a few 8’s and a couple of 5’s or whatever.  Then you make two columns, Denver and Seattle.  The points for the item go in the appropriate column.  So the thing you can only get in Denver puts its points in that column and visa versa.  NOT EVEN JOKING, IT WAS AN EXACT TIE!!   =O


But in the end, we felt it was really the best decision for us for many reasons.


So I am super stressing right now!  We are hoping to move next weekend but we were also hoping to do a garage sale.  Josh has to finish his projects at work and his finals are coming up.  Streeeeeeeesssssssss. lol One step at a time though.


I’ll probably have more to say on this as it gets closer but for now I’ve gotta run!  I just wanted to get the word out!

I has a secret

I has a secret
(Photo by Brittany Michelle http://brittanymichellephoto.net/?p=1774)


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4 Responses to We’re Moving To Seattle! Just Kidding! But Really, We Are!… Maybe

  1. Mom says:

    Perfect photo to go along with that!

  2. Terry L Todd says:

    You can’t leave! Family has to stay in Denver… oops. I guess I’ll shut up now.

  3. Nina says:

    (just noticed the commenter lol) I’m really happy for you, Seattle is beautiful!

  4. Jessica says:

    Hi! I’m so glad I found your blog! My 2 month old baby with Down Syndrome is in the NICU and doctors told me that the gtube is our only option since he only drinks about 10ml at the bottle or breast and the swallow study showed he had 1 silent aspiration. I will do anything to avoid it. You have inspired me to keep fighting. If you have any other suggestions of what I should try please email me at tommyb33@cogeco.ca Thanks so much!

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