What Will Happen to Andy?

I’ve been looking up videos about Down syndrome on Youtube.  Some have been informative, some have been sweet or funny, but this one, this one touched my heart.

I think at some point every parent will worry about this.  “How will my kids fare when I am not here to help?”  When Jayden was born though, I didn’t really think about that.  I thought of how perfect and beautiful he is and how many amazing things he is sure to accomplish in his life.

I thought the EXACT same things about Levi when he was born.

But when I was 30 weeks pregnant with Levi, the geneticist called.  I called her back thinking, “Well it must be good news because you wouldn’t call someone and tell them over the phone that their baby has Down syndrome”.  But that was exactly what she did.

She said “I know it’s a week early but I have the results from your amniocentesis.  It was positive for Down syndrome, your baby has trisomy 21.”

She first asked if I would be “continuing with the pregnancy, even though we are so far along” and I said “absolutely” with out even blinking.  She then began to ramble off all this information about groups we could join and websites we could look at.

But one of the first things she said and something that has echoed in my mind since was, “Some of them are even living into their 60’s”.   I had never before pondered, “Gosh, I wonder what age my baby will live to be” and now suddenly, here I am wondering if I’ll outlive him.  I know her intent was encouragement but it has been a little nagging thought in my head for a while.

This video reminds me that I am not alone.  There are others walking through these very things right now and together we will find the right answers.

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6 Responses to What Will Happen to Andy?

  1. Terry L Todd says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Amanda. And thanks for your commitment to doing the right thing. We are all blessed as a family by your unblinking choice “to continue the pregnancy.” You have a large extended family to stand with you way into the future. And Levi has a heavenly father who adores him more than we do.

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you Terry! That is really comforting. I’ve always taken comfort in the fact that Levi is so loved but to realize there is so much family who will stand by us way into the future is extremely, extremely comforting.

  2. Nancy says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Amanda -very moving. It was so good to see you and little Levi last week. Wish we could spend more time with you guys!

  3. Josh Todd says:

    It still blows my mind that it was just one of the routine questions they ask when delivering this kind of information. To think that most people would have made the opposite choice just breaks my heart. If they only knew how much joy they were going to miss out on!

  4. Denise says:

    Thanks for sharing. I feel this way everyday of my life!

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