When God Promises

When Levi was going through all of those health struggles the first few months, I knew people in places all over the world were praying for him or sending good thoughts and deep wishes. It was such a shining light of hope for me. It was often my lifeboat and I could never thank you all enough for that.

What I didn’t even realize is that people, many people, are still praying for him. It overwhelms me with gratitude and shakes me to the core. I know now why he is doing so well. We work hard but there are things that could only happen by the grace of God.

Yesterday I got to meet some more of the people who are still anointing Levi with prayers. Levi got to meet them too and was adorable blowing kisses. One of these ladies told me a story that made me cry.

She said that one day, while Levi was in the hospital, she was out planting roses in her yard. She was praying for Levi and felt like God told her to plant this one specific rose bush for Levi. She said that now that one rose bush has flourished. It’s thriving better than all the rest. She said it stands much taller and wider than all the rest with many more blossoms.

It touched me so deeply I instantly cried, I cried retelling it to Josh and I’m having a hard time not crying now. I can’t explain it but to me it felt like a promise directly from God. When God makes a promise to a person, he ALWAYS keeps his word. Levi will not just survive his diagnosis, he will THRIVE!

I feel like there is a story in the Bible that echoes this but I can’t figure out what it is. I’ve never had a whole story on the tip of my tongue before. I tried looking for it but don’t even know where to look. Let me know if you can think of it!

God is already revealing how he keeps his promises.  Levi is already thriving!

Good morning world!


We were trying to feed Levi cake at the party. He managed to grab a handful and in an instant had it all over his face! Clearly he hates cake.


Declyn is, I think, only two weeks younger than Levi. They play so well together.


Ha ha!


Do you see Levi in the mirror? They both sleep exactly the same! Partying is so exhausting.




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  1. Denise says:

    Wow, that is beautiful, The rose, the story, and Levi 😉 I still believe Levi can’t get any cuter, then I see him, and he does!

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